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Social Media

Let’s Get Social

The Marketing and Communications Department in the Division of Academic and Student Affairs is your go-to source for social media marketing expertise within the division. Offering guidance on developing your social media strategy, content creation, analytics, and much more – we’re here to help!

Your department has a story to tell. We encourage you to take that storytelling seriously!

Getting Started

All departments within the Division of Academic and Student Affairs that wish to have an official, university-recognized social media presence must register a formal request with the division’s Marketing and Communications department. This notifies our social media team of your interest, prompting them to schedule a meeting with you to discuss strategy and answering any questions you might have.

Social Media Registration Form

Amanda McKnight takes a quick photo before heading off for a snorkeling adventure with Team Belize.During the meeting, our team will review the university’s social media policy with you and the specific requirements needed from University Communications and Marketing. Here’s the abbreviated version:

  • The Social Media Policy applies to social media accounts created by or representing NC State department or units. It does not apply to student organizations.
  • The NC State Social Media Registration system is the starting point for any department or unit seeking to launch a social media account.
  • All unit or department social media accounts must have at least two registered university employees serving as account managers.
  • Unit and department social media accounts cannot be used for political activities.
  • Identification, promotion, or endorsement of commercial goods and services provided by non-university organizations or individuals on department or unit social media accounts is strictly regulated. See section 5.3 of the full policy for details.
  • The policy creates a Social Media Team to review all social media accounts registered via web registry for adherence to the Social Media Policy. The Chief Communication Officer, in consultation with the Social Media Team, will approve social media accounts for registration.

You can review NC State’s social media policy here.

We’ll also help lay the groundwork for your own social media strategy and goals, review important security measures, and provide best practices for keeping your social media accounts stay on brand.

You can review NC State’s brand guidelines here.

After the meeting, our team will take your information and submit a request to University Communications and Marketing for your official social media accounts. Once that request is approved, you’ll be notified by our team. You can then jump into the social media landscape!

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